"My child had the signs of being dyslexic when she was in her preschool age. She couldn't tell which of her slippers go to which foot, she couldn't tell the difference of "b" and "d", writes her name and any word from right to left. She attended one program at Alpha Angelicum Academy and I was impressed at how intensive the course was, that from senior kinder, she got promoted to Grade 1. The school may be small, but I'm happy with the result."

The Special Education Center known as Intervention Department is a clinical and educational center intended to provide structural educational programs to children ages 3-14 with behavioral and academic difficulties. It specifically caters to children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Language Problems, Reading and other forms of Learning Disability.

Theraphy and Ancillary Services

1. Behavior Modification Therapy – This is a systematic application of procedures derived from the principles of behavior such as reinforcement, modeling and shaping in the form of charting, giving rewards and praises in order to achieve desired changes in behavior.

2. Occupational Therapy – Includes programs and or delivers instructional activities and materials specifically for fine and gross motor.

3. SLD or Specific Language Disability Remedial Program – A multi-sensory approach in teaching best to children with problems in reading, writing and spelling. It uses Slingerland Method which has been proven to work with children with Specific Language Disability.

4. Math Disability Remedial Program – The use of Orton-Gillingham method in teaching children with math disability is used in this program. It enables the child to overcome his/her disability through approaching math sequentially and the through the use of the AVK techniques.

5. Executive Skills Training – Executive Skills refer to high-level cognitive functions which is divided into thinking and guiding skills. This is intended for youngsters who have difficulty performing well in school. Through this, students will be helped to plan and organize activities, sustain attention and persist to complete task (thinking skills). It will also enable them to manage emotions and monitor thoughts in order to work effectively (guiding skills).

6. High School Strand – This is offered for high school students who experience underachievement or academic difficulties. Reinforcements were given in subjects such as English, Math and Science based on their different learning styles to facilitate learning. They were also trained on how to use different strategies that suit their abilities and develop the fullest extent of their potentials. Accomodation and modification are also done.