The preschool program of Alpha Angelicum Academy is based on the principle of “I am, I can” of Grace Mitchell. It starts with the discovery of oneself, focusing on what each child is capable of doing, leading to the development of confidence in doing the things that the child can do. The process is cyclical, enabling the child to build on his skills, and improving his self-worth.

The emphasis of the curriculum is the 3 Rs – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Values formation and socialization skills are integrated in all subject areas – Christian Living, Reading, Language, Mathematics, Science, Aesthetics and Homemaking.

Alpha Angelicum Academy maintains a small child to teacher ratio of 15:1 for each class in the preschool to ensure effective teaching-learning process. Although there are age requirements for Nursery, Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, and Preparatory to Grade 1, age is not the sole basis for placement. The child is screened according to his developmental level and placement is made on the basis of the result of the screening and the child’s age.