The following are the course offerings at Alpha Angelicum Academy:

Preschool            Elementary            High School

The school goes beyond the requirements of the Department of Education. It practices ability leveling within the level in certain subject areas like Mathematics and Reading. There are also electives in the High School which are designed to prepare the students for college life.

The school practices the principle of inclusion in all levels, with provisions for the academically, behaviorally, and developmentally challenged learners, including the gifted.


~ A progressive school with small teacher-student ratio
~ Eclectic in approach with emphasis on Reading, Mathematic and Science
~ Uses Slingerland and Orton – Gillingham – both US based multisensory methods in teaching Reading and Mathematics
~ With provisions for the academically gifted and developmentally challenged students
~ Family – based extra curricular activities and with provisions for continuing education for parents
~ Non-academic clubs provide opportunities for growth in all disciplines
~ Executive function skills training and after school activities
~ International benchmarking with Singapore and US standards of education

Other Services

~ Reading and Math Disability Screening
~ Reading Intervention
~ Math Intervention
~ Behavior Modification Training
~ Occupational Therapy