Friday Non – Academic Clubs

Alpha Angelicum Academy offers a wide range of activities both curricular and co- curricular. These activities provide opportunities to the children to develop their interests, hone their talents, develop camaraderie, and provide a venue for dual learning. These clubs include painting, photography , little chefs, ecogreen and other sports related clubs. Through the Friday Non Academic Clubs, AAA fulfills its mission of developing the total person.

Z Club

The Z Club, is a service oriented club composed of high school girls. They are dedicated to carry on the following objectives: service to school, service to community with better international understanding and development of leadership qualities. The Alpha Z club is under the umbrella of the Zonta Club of Laguna. Some of the activities of the club include continuing education to mothers living in the Biñan public cemetery, reading twin program with a public school, visiting homes for the women elderly and individuals with disability.

Senior Red Cross Youth Club

It is composed of high school students who underwent Leadership Training and Basic Life Support Training facilitated by the instructors from Red Cross – Laguna Chapter. The objective of this club is anchored on the objectives of the Philippine Red Cross – to provide first aid and help in times when medical assistance is needed. The members of this club assist during medical missions.


The different varsity teams have their regular trainings to prepare the athletes to future athletic competitions. The regular activity is also aimed to hone their skills and to build teamwork. Some players of the Badminton Varsity Team are undergoing rigid training in preparation for their stint in the coming STCAA (Regional Meet) in Lucena City.

Community Extension

Although Alpha Angelicum Academy is a small school, one of the objectives of the school is to develop among their students the spirit of volunteerism and reaching out to the marginalized sector of the society. Among the community extension projects are the Reading Twin Program with Pedro Escueta Elementary School which has also a feeding and literacy components, and the Continuing Education Program for Mothers and Children living in the Biñan Municipal Cemetery. Aside from these, AAA students also participate in medical missions and other outreach activities initiated by the other NGOs that AAA network with.

Through these activities, it is the hope of AAA to develop morally upright and civic minded young individuals.