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Activities for August

What They Say


We believe that each child is unique. Although different from one another, each is capable of learning new things, and become productive in his community.


Activities for Buwan ng Wika
- August 2019 -

With the theme "Wikang Katutubo: Tungo sa Isang Bansang Filipino," activities are prepared to inculcate to students thevalue of Filipino language; its contribution to the progress of our country, anddemonstrate/promote love of one's culture through traditional celebration like Fiesta.

All Clusters:
Filipino Songs - Everymorning pupils/students will be given the chance to listen to original Filipino songs.

Cluster 1-3:
Trivia Questions - All pupils/students will have the chance to answer the question for the day. Answers are to be dropped in a box provided by the Student Council. The winner will get the chance to be recognized and also to receive token.

Cluster 1:
"Tayo ng Magbasa, Kwentong Pilipino, Mahal Ko"
The class adviser or the Filipino teacher will schedule the reading activity of the pupils which schedule the reading activity of the pupils which could be done in the classroom or in the school library. They have to make sure that the story is written in Filipino to inculcate in the minds of the pupils the beauty, richness and importance of the Filipino language.

Cluster 2: (Grade 3 & 4)
Poem Writing; Storytelling
The teacher-in-charge will explain the techniques and mechanics in poem writing. The pupils will also have the chance to tell a story or share an experience before the class begins.

Cluster 2: (Grade 5 & 6)
Composing and Reciting Spoken Poetry
Pupils will compose their own poem showing their love of the Filipino language.This activity will enhance the communication skills and creative writing of the students. The teacher will give the students ideas on how this is being done.

Cluster 3: Essay Writing / Speech Choir / Balagtasan
Essay Writing - The teacher will discuss with the students the mechanis / elements of Essay writing before they proceed with their own essay related to the theme.

Speech Choir - Students will be grouped and each group will be provided with a copy of the piece to deliver.

Balagtasan - Chosen students will perform the Balagtasan piece.

Larong Pinoy:
All pupils / students will get the chance to experience play the different traditional Pilipino games like Luksong Tinik, Piko, Luksong Baka, Patintero and others during P.E. time.

Fiesta sa Nayon:
There will be games for everybody to enjoy just like in the olden times when there is fiesta. Native food/delicacies will also be served.

August 2 - Status Report Distribution (First Quarter)
August 13-15 - Second Long Quiz
August 17 - Saturday Class - On Line
August 28-30 - First Quarterly Exam (PS, GS, JHS, SHS)