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Literacy Month

What They Say


We believe that each child is unique. Although different from one another, each is capable of learning new things, and become productive in his community.


Activities for the Literacy Month
- September 2018 -

The month’s activities  promote reading and writing activities that will develop a broader vocabulary and increased information that will  deepen  and  enhance   the  importance of literacy to our everyday lives.

Pupils / Students are given the chance to get   involve  into  series  of   activities   that  will
encourage them appreciate the love for Reading !


Film Viewing - Preschool
The pupils will watch a short video clip about a popular legend. Pupils will have an art activity a character in the story. They will be given the opportunity to share to class what they like in the character.

Reader’s Theater – Grade 1 & 2
The pupils  will be grouped by the teacher. Each group will be given a piece to perform. A group will be chosen to perform during the Culminating Activity.
This activity aims to  exhibit fluency in voice projection and articulation.

Poet Tree -  Grades 3 & 4
Guided by the teacher , pupils will create a 4 line poem or a quatrain. The final output of the pupils will be written in a piece of paper shaped as leaf. Each section will create a Poet Tree ; leaves with the poem will be used to decorate the Poet Tree.

Scrap Book of Unfamiliar Words – Grade 5
In a scrap book , pupils are to write unfamiliar words. The meaning will be given through creative illustration using scrap materials. These unfamiliar words will also be used in a sentence.

Essay Writing – Grade 5
With the given theme , pupils will create their own creative writing.

Read Aloud – Grade 6
Pupils will choose a book of their interest and do the Read Aloud in the class. Each pupil will be given the chance to do the Read Aloud.

Oration – Grade 7 & 8
The teacher will provide the piece that the students will present to the class.

Chamber Theater & Spoken Poetry – Grade 9
Students will compose their own poem about the importance of language. Students will perform their composition in class.
The Chamber Theater will presented during the Culminating Activity.

Impromtu Speech – Grade 10
The teacher will give a quotation or saying or a topic about the current issues, students will be given 3 minutes to compose their thoughts on the given subject. Each will have the opportunity to share their thoughts.


Sept. 4  - Educational Field Trip  ( Grades 9 – 12 )

Sept. 5 – AAA Z Club Seminar – Workshop on Women’s Rights & Personal
            Hygiene ( Grades 5 & 6 Girls )

Sept. 5- 7 – Career Guidance Program – ( Grade 10 )

Sept. 5 – 7 - Career Tracking – ( Grade 12 )
Sept 5 – 7 – Cybersafe Lecture & Workshop  ( Grade 5 – 12 )

Sept. 10 – Myers – Briggs Type Indicator ( Grade 7 & 8 )

Sept. 11 – Multiple Intelligence Seminar / Workshop ( Grade 6 )

Sept. 15 – Progress Report Distribution / Literacy Month Culminating Activity

Sept. 19 – 21 – First Long Quiz ( Second Quarter )

Sept. 27 & 28 – Intramurals