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Solidary Development Month

What They Say


We believe that each child is unique. Although different from one another, each is capable of learning new things, and become productive in his community.


Activities for the month of October
- Octoberber 2018 -

With the theme, “ Solidarity Development ” activities for the month are meant to build interest among pupils and students on the different facts, culture or tradition of other countries that contribute to the progress and development . The first semester will be culminated with another festive activities … the performances of the pupils / students of the dances of different countries around the world and the much awaited Trick or Treat.


Country Tour
Preschool Using the Worldbook Online and Virtual Reality Box, the children will have the chance to take a look into different places. After which, they will make a portrait based on what they have seen.

Flag Making - Grades 1 -4
Each pupil will make a flag of different country using recyclable materials. This activity will show the creativity and resourcefulness of the pupils.

AHA Bulletin – Grades 5 & 6
The pupils will make a creative bulletin board wherein they will put trivias about the different countries and United Nations.

Foreign Cuisine – Grades 7 - 10
Students will search and get the recipe of the famous food of one country. They will cook it and share to class and to other students.

Film My Race – Grades 11 & 12
The class will create a documentary film showing the different races we have in AAA community. They will gather the students with different races and they will utter a certain greeting used by the race while being recorded.

Culminating Activity – Preschool – Grade 10
There will be performances of the pupils / students of songs and dances around the world . Educational performances that will speak of the culture and traditions of different nations.


October 3 – Status Report Distribution ( 2nd Quarter )

October 5 – World Teacher’s Day

October 10 - 12 – Second Long Quiz ( PS, GS, JHS, SHS )

October 15 & 16 – Biñan City Meet

October 19 & 20 – Grade 6 – Retreat

October 22 & 23 – Mid Year Music Performance ( Grades 1 – 10 )

October 23 - 25 – Second Quarterly Exam – Grade 11 & 12

October 25 – Sem – Break Kit Distribution

October 26 – UN Culminating Activity / Trick or Treat