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August 2017

What They Say


We believe that each child is unique. Although different from one another, each is capable of learning new things, and become productive in his community.


Activities for Buwan ng Wika
- August 2017 -

Activities for Buwan ng Wika

With the theme “ Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago, activities are prepared to increase the civic and language awareness of pupils / students, appreciate / value the importance of Filipino literature and understand why language is the light and strength of a nation.

• Cluster 1 :
Film Viewing Pupils will watch a Filipino legend that will inspire them and teaches positive values / virtues. After watching, they will draw their favorite character in the legend and share to class the reason why they like the character.

• Cluster 2 and 3 :
Creative Writing ( Malikhaing Pagsulat ) With the theme ; Filipino : Wikang Mapagbago , pupils /students will compose an essay.

• Grade 6 and Cluster 3 :
Spoken Poetry This activity will enhance the communication skills and creative writing of the students. The teacher will give the students an idea on how this being done. After which, students will write their own poem align with the theme using the Filipino language and present to class.

• Cluster 2 and Cluster 3 :
Tagisan ng Talino The activity will help students increase learner’s familiarity to Filipino terms of some English words. The contest will have three rounds easy, average and difficult round. For the easy round, this will be plain translation where the students will simply translate the given English words to Filipino. Average round is sentence construction, the teacher will give first the meaning of the Filipino word, then the student will use it in a sentence. While the difficult round, requires the student to give the Filipino meaning of the English word and use it in a sentence.

Exhibit of the Student’s Artwork :

Students will showcase their ‘ Likhang – sining “ about the Filipino language through drawing, scrapbooking and poetry writing.
Aug. 1 – 4 – Scholastic Pretest
Aug. 5 – Orientation of Parents Whose Children are with Program
Aug. 7- 9 – Activities for Children Whose Parents are Working Abroad The activity includes film viewing, group dynamics and moments of reflection.
Aug. 10 – Orientation / Forum on Disaster Awareness and Preparedness by the Phil Red Cross – Laguna Chapter
Aug. 11 – Status Report Distribution
Aug. 16 – 18 – Second Long Quiz ( First Quarter )
August 29 – 31 – First Quarterly Exam ( Preschool - JHS / SHS )