Golden Meadow Subdivision, San Antonio, Biñan, Laguna 4024

September 2015

What They Say


We believe that each child is unique. Although different from one another, each is capable of learning new things, and become productive in his community.


Activities for the Literacy Month
- September 2015 -

DEAR : Preschool – High School( Drop Everything and Read )
Each pupil will bring a storybook every Monday or on any day assigned by the teacher. Every first period of the class on that day, ten minutes will be allotted in reading the book brought by the pupils. The teacher may ask questions / feedback regarding the book read.

Poetry Tree : Grades 1 – 6
Each class will make a poetry tree by drawing an illustration of a tree with  its branches. Each  pupil will  write  a  short poem (Haiku for Grades 1 -3, Quatrain or Octave for Grades 4- 6) on a leaf shaped template of colors green or orange. These leaves will then be posted on the tree branches to form the poetry tree.

Character Dress – Up : Grades 4 – High School
Pupils will dress – up like their favorite character from their favorite book. They will take pictures of themselves and post them on Facebook with #AAAliteracymonth. Teachers will choose winners for this activity and will receive certificate of recognition and additional points as incentives.

Graffiti / Big Paper: Grades 4 – High School
The English teacher will hang a banner paper on wall for everyone to see. Pupils will use its spaces for reflective opportunities around reading. They may write their favorite quotations or lines from their favorite books.

Preschool :
Show and Tell : Each pupil will bring his / her favorite book on a day, designated by the teacher, each week for the whole month of September. The teacher will randomly call pupils to present their book and tell something about the story.

Grade 1 -3 :
Puppet and Story – Making : Each pupil will have to come up with one puppet using recycled materials . The pupils will then, write a story using the puppet as the main character.

Grade 4 – 6 :
Comic Strips : Comic books are a brilliant means for pupils and students to engage in reading. Pupils are to make their own using a prepared template. They will create a comic strip based on a classroom reading or other time assigned.

High School :
Speech Choir – Grade 7 and 8 class will be given a Filipino piece and an English piece for the Grades 9 and 10 for their Speech Choir presentation at the end of the month.

Poetry Olio – Each student writes his / her own poem on a topic of his / her choice. This could be in free verse or with rhyme scheme and meter. On an assigned day the student/s  will recite the poem with correct prosodic features of speech.